Saturday, 22 March 2014

No makeup selfies

I'll be honest, it's usually about my children being idiots but this week this has really caught my attention.
I am sick to my back teeth of this wave of criticism directed at the 'no makeup selfie brigade' by the way girls, ( I think you are fab). Are you aware though that apparently we are a bunch of narcissistic, vacuous idiots who don't understand the concept of donating?  This apparently is because some of us didn't choose to include a link to the cancer research charity or more importantly upload a picture of our donation.  Whilst I accept that there will be some who have simply jumped on the bandwagon I feel it is desperately unfair to label us all this way.  Completely irrespective of the fact that we may well have donated, by posting this picture of ourselves without our donation attached (which apparently is only a ploy to see how many people will like our status or see how many people will tell us we are still beautiful) you imply that we simply don't understand what we are doing.
The serious girls among us ( you know the ones, they actually read papers and live real lives as opposed to our empty and Facebook surfing ones,  are so busy telling us what idiots we are that they fail to recognise that we are just supporting an amazing cause which we believe in and which most of us has been affected by.  An impromptu and frankly who cares who started it ( but good on you) craze that has seen over £2 million raised in over 48 hours for cancer research.  Now I hear that the boys are getting involved.. A cock with a sock no less, so far I have been enjoying every post ( voyeuristic tart that I am!)

I was incensed to read an article and be singled out as being such a narcissist for apparently not donating ( because I hadn't uploaded my donation, forgive me for quoting "facta non verba" deeds not words ...
I had in fact donated at the time of my selfie, further more, I found it fun and have thoroughly

enjoyed seeing my friends bare all ( so to speak) good on you girls.. I'm glad it's not just me that mascara does wondrous things for!!!

Most of us at some point have been affected by cancer directly or indirectly. I personally have 2 close friends who have fought and still fight and sadly have lost 2 family members.  This dreadful disease affects us all and if we can raise awareness ( and thank you no makeup selfie haters because you are
kindly adding to the numbers) then fantastic.

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