Friday, 11 July 2014

Frozen, nits and loombands

It's been a while.. Let me update you
We have recently moved in with the inlaws , MIL ( mother  in law) and FIL ( father in law)
Poppet has got her crawl on and now moves at speed towards anything dangerous or perhaps mimicking mummy, towards granddad's wine rack.  FIL has minor palpitations whenever either of us come within ten feet of the beloved wine racks! 

Angel has started her new school and settled in very well. She only admonishes me for incorrect snacks for break, has a new found embarrassment if I show any display of affection in the playground and is horrified by my complete inability to make a loom band bracelet.

Delight has started to do everything in an American accent, yesterday, involving me (sweet) in her little game she informed me that I was her "teeecheeer"
Delight "hey teacher, my mum is dead"
Me " oh dear I am very sad to hear that"
Delight " yeah, she wouldn't take me on holiday so I killed her"
Me ( silently) what the bloody hell have you been watching!!!!!!!!!!
Then someone pointed out that many Disney films main characters mums are no longer around.. Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella .. Then the latest culprit.. Yes you've guessed it, Frozen!

We have the soundtrack, in the car. Hubby and I are getting
particularly good at lip syncing the duet, much to the absolute disgust of Angel and Delight.  We take great  joy in the proposal bit at the end at which point we kiss. On this particular occasion having enjoyed a rather energetic version of the song I notice Angel, whilst frowning most intently at me is scratching her head. I try to ignore it, hoping it's not nits, and if it is nits that they will eventually get bored and die. I realise this is not going to work and so direct hubby, who instantly starts scratching everything ( because 
knowledge of the nits has instantly infected him!) to a well know nits eradication stuff supplier. ( boots!)  so the fun begins, whilst I should be sipping wine I am running a ridiculous comb through delights hair and actually counting horrid little bugs out of her hair. ( and by the way, who knew you had to get a second mortgage to buy nit lotion, no wonder they can't get rid of them in schools, if you get nits at the end of the month you're screwed!)

Fortunately Delights hair appears to repel the little critters.. Long may it last.
Honestly my entire life at the moment seems to be a wondrous ( I mean monotonous) cocktail of loombands, nits & frozen! 

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