Thursday, 18 July 2013

One liners

Angel and I have recently been talking about the new NSPCC advert on radio about the underwear rule.  I am a huge supporter of the NSPCC and felt it prudent to make sure that Angel starts to understand what is appropriate and what is not.  This however has led to a flurry of other questions, comments and general statements  all relating to knickers and their contents including but not limited to, ‘but it is ok if I show Poppy *(no real names used here thank you very much) the unicorns on my pants because she has fairies on hers’.   
However my personal favourite this week has to be when Angel asked me “Why do grownups have hair there?”.  Now occasionally in a bid to secure an extra five minutes of peace I will fire back an answer containing words that I know she doesn’t understand because nine times out of ten she will go quiet and walk off to ponder my reply. “Because it is hygienic darling” I respond. Not today, Angel turns and looks knowingly to Delight and announces in a loud whisper “That means it is from China”. Happy with this imparted pearl of wisdom Delight simply nods and walks of muttering to herself and Angel, very pleased with herself for teaching her little sister something important smiles at me and leaves the room.  I simply don't have the heart or the inclination to correct her. 

Now it is my turn to ponder and it led me to thinking about all the sentences that I have said over the past few years that I never imagined I would, such as “Why is there cheese in the toilet?”, “Delight darling please take the sausage out of your eye”, “Angel do not put your sister in a headlock” but my firm favourite was not my own, a sentence that a young girl said in the supermarket to her mother’s friend.  On being ignored by her mother who was trying to have a conversation, the child innocently (I think not) tugged on the friends arm and announced in a louder than necessary voice “mummy shaves her bottom”.. brilliant.

 Angel’s one liners continue to amuse me when later in the week whilst watching her and Delight playing princesses beautifully in the garden, I casually suggest that perhaps she tries being a different princess. 
Picture if you will, Angel has been playing Sleeping Beauty for some time now, which consists of her lying on the grass on a towel with a pillow under her head having a snooze whilst Delight leaps about like an idiot, sweating and getting dizzy from circling Angel, singing songs and dropping what are supposed to be petals, (we have no flowers in the garden so I suspect it’s a mixture of weeds and mud) over her.
  Having been rudely interrupted Angel sits up and crosses her arms.  I sense I have just destroyed the game.  She scrunches up her little nose.  I can see the rage bubbling inside her “mummeeeeeeeee” This elongated name calling alerts me to the fact that I am indeed unwelcome in my suggestion.  “It was just an idea sweetheart” I offer meekly “but mummeeeee ,this is the only move I know!” Well hubby and I almost fall off our chairs laughing. 
Angel is not amused and Delight, still hopping and skipping in circles simply chooses to ignore the commotion and starts skipping around her Ken doll who is wearing nothing but knee high boots.  It does appear to be a running theme in our house that all Ken and Barbie dolls remain in a permanent state of undress. Obviously no one has told Ken the underwear rule, not that he has anything private going on, something that has always baffled me.. don’t get me started on the semi androgynous state of Ken conversation, it’s a whole other blog!

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  1. Loved this post! I laughed out loud with the mummy shaves her bottom line! :)