Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The catch up.. it's been a while!

Six months after my last blog and how life has changed.  We have added another ( the last says hubby) girl to our clan and she has settled in well. For the purpose of this blog I shall call her Poppet.  We have had moments that have caused us to laugh so hard that our bellies ache, heart stopping moments, cringe worthy ones too, I have been proud, embarrassed, staggered, bewildered, and gob smacked, and that was just yesterday!

I have smiled sweetly at those who have tilted their heads at me and pulled a face on discovering we had another girl and held my tongue when asked if we will try one more time 'for the boy'.
Poor hubby is now officially out numbered, although cat has stepped up his game and has started to attempt to eat twice his body weight, possibly to make his presence known, I suspect the sensible thing is simply fattening up to save himself from yet another pair of sticky grabby little hands.
The theme of this blog however is the impact that the television is having on the girls.  I am quite staggered by how much they actually absorb and hold onto.
Angel has become body aware, at nearly six we have had to have a serious chat about weight and the fact that she does not need to be thinner.  When I questioned her on why she feels that way, she replied she wanted to be like the pretty lady on my workout DVD.  All my work out DVDs are now officially in room 101 along with Dora the explorer, Rasta mouse and most of the idiots who prance about and currently grace the sleeve of Now 674 or wherever we are up to. She has recently requested that I introduce her to the musical talents of One Direction so that she might join in talking about them in the playground. Imagine my delight.

Adverts are also the topic of the day and on top of informing me that "Mummy you need a Wowcher" Angel appears by my side the other day and proceeds to tell me about these new pants I should get that hold in all my wobbly bits "You mean Spanx!" I exclaim, "That's it, you should get some" she says casually ands wanders off.

She has also demonstrated an exceptional ability to take me literally, I have realised that at five and three quarters she cannot be expected to understand sarcasm, and I should not use it on her, but show me the mother who never says something she shouldn't! We were in our road early one morning loading our car for Christmas and in her excitement is talking loudly and animatedly about something " Angel" I say.. " do you think you could be a bit louder I don't think the neighbours can quite hear you" she looks at me and smiles " ok mummy" and bless her, she says it all again but much louder! Serves me right.

Delight has taken to smuggling. Each night I find under her pillow makeup, nail clippers, chewing gum, my jewellery,  you name it my little tea leaf has it. I must also have 'eye of the hawk' when out shopping because frankly if she gets to the car with it and I have unloaded her, Angel, Poppet, all the shopping, wrestled with the trolley pound slot device in the pouring soggy rain then I'm not going back.  Of course I remove the acquired item and firmly reprimand her, she understands she can't have it, if it was a little family shop I would march her right back in but nine times out of ten I find myself having a little free snack courtesy of one of the big four. Outrageous aren't I.

She also has a boyfriend (she is nearly four) and they are going to get married and she is going to have a seed in her belly ( like mummy did) and they will live in a castle and occasionally go to Paris to eat ice cream  and bonjella.  Yesterday Angel and Delight were acting out this scenario. Angel "I'm the mum and I'm having twins" Delight" I'm the dad and I'm called Alan".

This morning they both arrived in my room sucking on crayons pretending they were smoking having just seen the news about e cigs.  Perhaps BBC could show a glamorous woman tidying her room, you never know!

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