Monday, 17 February 2014


0602 Angel appears by my bedside, she looks a bit peaky. "I feel funny" she announces. I look at her, squinting through morning eyes and my motherly instinct tells me she is telling the truth.  During this 3 second evaluation I have already clocked that she has not put on her slippers (Angel is fastidious about having cold feet and will always ensure that appropriate footwear is worn). Unlike Delight who  is like a crazy cave girl, happy in bare feet but if she must she will begrudgingly put on flip flops or maybe those plastic princess shoes that are 4 sizes too big and have a heel.  I have mentally run through her school day, no spelling tests, no P.E in the wet and cold, I also note that she is actually an interesting shade of green.  I lift up my duvet and she flops in.  I lie there and feel her little warm  body thinking how nice it is to have my first born in my arms.  This precious moment lasts about four seconds.  The familiar thud of delights quick and determined stride breaks the peace.  "Why is Angel in your bed?" She demands, I put my finger to my mouth to signal silence, we have different interpretations for this signal.  I think it means 'ssssshhhhhhhhhh' Delight thinks it means 'repeat at  volume'.  " your sister is not well" I say.
I can almost hear Delights mind whirring, she has clocked her sister, is furious that she has slyly sneaked in and secured a warm spot in mummy's arms, she clutches her throat and her knees begin to buckle. She sounds like she has swallowed a hippo, she grunts and gargles, she barks out the best  fake cough I have ever heard. I look at her straight in the eye and say "you are going to preschool".
Delight is distraught but I don't have the time for her tantrum as Angel has started vomiting all over my bed.
At this very moment I hear Poppet screeching out in Poppet language which sounds like a cross duckling having a squabble. "I have woken, I am starving, I am tiny, feed me at once".
Shit! A vision of a large glass of wine pops into my head, I mentally and gently move it aside and store it for later and the triage begins.
An hour later and Angel is washed and sleeping, my fabulous sister in law has collected Delight and  Poppet is cooing happily.  I decide to call the doctor as Angel has been getting worse and her temperature climbing. I mentally prepare myself to battle with the receptionist, this particular one has clearly attended the 'advanced patient patronisation and obstruction technician course' I like to call it (APPOT) and she "doesn't have anything".
There is little point locking horns with this powerhouse, I opt for complete submission, a little grovelling and throw in a compliment about handling so many requests every morning, it seems to work, we are in.
Angel had a nasty virus and after 27 hours of being sick every time she moved is  now fine. Delight was delighted to stay at her cousins for a sleepover and requested to stay there for another five days, Poppet, still a poppet but a very hungry one and not so much duckling as baby bear! Oh and my washing machine..I certainly got my money's worth out of it!

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