Saturday, 22 February 2014

Jellyfish in the Cotswolds

It was a rare moment between putting Poppet to bed and sending Angel and Delight up to get changed and brush their teeth.  If I'm honest I knew that they would be doing neither but I took the opportunity to sit quietly on the sofa and catchup on Facebook.
After fifteen minutes and much thudding and laughing they appear red in the face and wincing ever so slightly.
Without prompting and looking almost proud they lift up their tops to reveal their soft little tums covered In what look like jellyfish stings. I only know this because I saw a documentary on jellyfish recently and I'm almost certain that we do not have any floating about in the bathroom of our house in the Cotswolds.
"What have you been doing?" I ask completely intrigued but not really sure if I want to know either.  "Watch this" says Angel as she again lifts up her top and stands back.  I then hear an almighty roar as Delight, who wouldn't be out of place on the battle scene in Braveheart, comes charging towards her with a sink plunger in her hand. As she makes contact she immediately pulls away again and Angels tummy goes shloooop! they both fall about the floor in fits of giggles.

I picture myself explaining these strange markings on my children to the school, "you see her sister was running at her with a plunger" I mentally reach for my wine. My glass seems bigger than it was yesterday, I am pleased that even in times of mental parental strain my imagination remains in tact, I put another star on my imaginary clever mummy chart. When I fill my chart I get a bottle of wine.  I have had fifteen stars today and I only need ten to fill the chart so that means 1.5 bottles of wine, but if I'm really in need I'm sure I can borrow some stars from tomorrow's fabulousness! The children don't know about my chart, they would consider my achievements trivial and star allocation unfair, for example, open one eyelid, one star, open the other, one star, successfully distribute breakfast to the right mouths, one baby, two little people, one cat, three goldfish - two stars and so on.

I remove the plunger from them, I think they are secretly relieved, they rub their little tummies and make their way upstairs.  Ten minutes later, teeth brushed and they are fast asleep, exhausted from their new game.  I look at the time 1857, that's 3 gold stars!

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