Friday, 28 February 2014

To read or not to read

When we introduced our newest daughter, Poppet, I told the girls how lovely it would be for her to hear them reading, and even if they couldn't yet read they were to use their imaginations and look at the pictures to make up a story.
Yes, thank you I shall put a gold star on my clever mummy chart.

Last week as I put Poppet in her chair I asked Angel if she would like to read her a story.  "Oh yes please" she replied and chose  Thumbelina.  My heart swelled as she described in detail the clothes the characters wore and the different voices she used.
The next day, not to be outdone, Delight asks if she might read the same book, thrilled that she is showing such an interest in both her baby sister and in books I rush off to get Thumbelina.  As I return to the front room I can hear Delight, sans book, animatedly retelling the story Delight style "then the frog got out his gun, bang bang, but she wasn't deaded, just her foot was, and there was blood everywhere!" Delightful Delight.
"What are you doing sweetheart?" I ask, "using my madge nation " she replies proudly.  "Oh I see, and what about the guns, where did you see those?" I enquire mentally flipping through every film we have ever watched. Delight goes silent and feels she is being told off.  "You are telling a lovely story darling, but perhaps without the guns and blood" I encourage.  Delight is cross and Poppet who seemed to be quite enjoying the story throws me what can only be described as a frown, she's five months old! Brilliant.
I change the subject, "how about a DVD." I say enthusiastically. Delight has forgotten she was cross and asks "can it be the one with the dinosaurs and the blood?"  Angel adds that she doesn't feel it is appropriate ( her actual words) she is more a Mary Berry fan.  We flick through the different titles, no one can agree until I see it lying dusty at the bottom of the pile.  Usually Dora the Explorer is banned in our house because I can't stand her irritating whiney voice and it makes me physically cringe when the girls say "oh maaaaaan", but after Angel told me she had learnt all about the Great Wall of China from her I have decided to give her another go.  Delight is quite happy and Poppet is about to be fed again so it's similes all round. Now where did I put my ear phones?

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