Wednesday, 5 March 2014

World Book Joy

I have had an email from Angels school.  Please can your beloved child dress up as a character from a book this Thursday. Last year I found out by accident the day before, this year I was ready, I wasn't prepared, I just knew it was coming and was waiting for divine inspiration that never came.  Fortunately for me Angel came home with her mind made up. She will be going to world book day as Jasmine from Aladdin.

I am at my mothers and moaning about how we have been unable to agree on a proper character from an actual book when my mother without a word or any glance in my direction simply raises an eyebrow.  This small facial manoeuvre speaks volumes, I shall interpret. " honestly darling have we taught you nothing, the buck doesn't stop with Walt Disney, these stories and folk tales have been around for hundreds of years, for goodness sake there is a library across the road if Google is unable to assist you"
I stand corrected and satisfied that I am not going to make an unnecessary blundering apology about Angels costume my mothers eyebrow returns to its rightful position.

We now have the problem of the gaping midriff .. It's not a simple case of a little peak at the belly button every time she reaches her little hands to the sky, the top finishes just under her ribs and the trousers barely cover her hips .  "Teacher says if you say it's ok then I can wear it"  I look at her, my eyebrow is making an involuntary climb, I have obviously inherited the answering without speaking capability of my mother but Angel is choosing not to notice, she folds her arms and puts her foot slightly forward and taps it on the floor "well?" She demands.  I am horrified by her attitude and both eyebrows make a reflexive leap almost off my face.  Angel realises she has gone too far. She quickly retracts the foot and uncrossed her arms " fine" she says.  "uh?" I say "sorreeeeee" she says.  We finally agree that a leotard under her costume would be a sensible option not to mention a slightly warmer one.

So to recap, we have had a family debate about the history of books, how to correctly select the appropriate costume for world book day and a quick lesson on manners all with our eyebrows and a monosyllabic grunt.  I'd say that's at least 2 stars for my chart.

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