Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bonjour mummy of the night!

Delight, 4 and very importantly nearly 5, has informed me that she hates everything.  She hates sleeping, she hates her bedroom and she hates her swimming hat.  Furthermore we are all to speak in French from now on, which has proved to be slightly troublesome, as it's not the traditional version of French that you or I may be familiar with, but Delight's very own special concoction of sounds and squeaks which, like snow flakes, are never the same! I call it snowflake French.  Delight flares her nostrils and knits her brow at this which only encourages me more.

Apparently EVERYONE speaks French in the playground and Angel, in an unusual act of unity,  backs this up by informing me that ALL her friends watch French DVDs at home.  I am starting to feel slightly uneasy that I may have completely over looked a massive part of their learning.  It's obviously not enough that we have to battle for half an hour to get two pages of a book read or that no matter how many times we go over it, when you get to eleven, it does not go, eleventy one, eleventy two, eleventy three! I am now supposed to add French to the mix.

The following morning, whilst getting ready and wondering who to best question about the new found bilingual ability of everyone in the playground, Delight wanders in to my room.  She wishes to show me her new invention.  Having seen daddy talking "hands free" on his mobile she has invented "hands free teeth brushing". She promptly sticks the bottom of her toothbrush to my mirrored wardrobe and starts brushing by shaking her head.  I must say I am very impressed and just about to tell her so when she says "mummy, can you wear your hooker earrings today please" I beg your pardon!, for a moment I am completely stumped but a swift clarification tells me she is simply referring to my earrings without butterfly backs, nevertheless those earrings will somehow always summon an unwanted image for me now!

As for French as an extra curricula activity, I welcome it, I have even been on amazon to see if I can buy Frozen in French.  I have explained in no uncertain terms that Dora ( my absolute fave) the Explorer is Spanish speaking (thank god!) so I shall wait to see with this one, maybe it will pass, but like Frozen being pushed aside for High School Musical, I know there will always be some deep joy for me to look forward to!

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