Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy new year?

Happy New Year bla bla bla, "Did you have a good break?" it's like the words spring automatically from my lips, "yes yes all lovely thanks" lie, lie, it was stressful, expensive and messy, I over indulged and I'm hating that I've told everyone I'm doing dry January. But, it's all about the kids! Repeat repeat, they had a fabulous time which is what it is really all about. Bowing down to consumerist blackmail and shelling out money we don't have whilst half heartily telling our kids the real meaning of Christmas, which somewhere along the way has morphed into Spider-Man and Gary Barlow at the nativity. Sorry sorry, it's about giving and love, thank you Brown Owl!

Now we are in January and Angel is explaining that she has been praying to Janus to be more beautiful.  "That is preposterous" I say, Angel looks hurt "how can you possibly be more beautiful" I counter whilst googling this Janus. Right, Google tells me he is the Roman god of beginnings, doorways and exits,  we have a chat about what Google says then I quiz her to make sure she has been listening.  Angel has no idea I have googled him and still believes I know everything.  I am going to string this out for as long as possible.
Our chat is interrupted by a heavy and determined stomping peppered with a snort of disgust.  "that's just stupid" hello Delight.  She stands there with her hands out not quite knowing where to begin.  Delight is very clear that she has no time for religion or god ( except when she played Mary in the nativity, but that was all about pleasing her teacher and wearing the costume) the fact that she marched up to me and said " I'm jesus's mum, do I get lipstick and high heels?" May go someway toward explaining her priorities in the story of the birth of Christ.

The debate on religion rages on until I bring up homework, Delight hastily retreats to her bedroom whilst Angel, who is now praying for a unicorn has not noticed that I am rummaging through her book bag, she looks up but it is too late, I have blocked the entrance to the doorway, try praying to Janus for this one I think, and smirk, placing a mental star on my clever mummy chart.

 Angel has been asked to make a super hero costume over Christmas, deep deep joy.  This involves some serious planning as the lady in the fabric shop is not too keen on me.  This could be due to the fact that the last time I was there Delight had a melt down whilst poppet pulled everything in reach off the shelves.  With this in mind I ship out Delight and Poppet to a friend and venture on an expensive trip to Fabric Land.  later that night whilst all three lovely girls are fast asleep I set to work on Angels homework and once again curse myself for bloody dry January!

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